New York Women in Communications featured a film with “The God Box” story

Last Monday, New York Women in Communications honored high achieving women with their prestigious Matrix Award. Winners included Glenn Close, Ann Curry, Peggy Noonan, Laura Desmond and others…all stars in their own fields. I am proud to say that I received that award myself 15 years ago and still treasure it on my wall.

As part of the event held in the Waldorf for 1500 executives in the communications world, a film was shown highlighting former winners–like Katie Couric and Arianna Huffington–and I was in it. It was my chance to salute the woman I credit with anything I have ever achieved: my Mom. This video was just released and I’d like to share it with you. Enjoy!

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For anyone who asks if God exists, presenting the tree peony. These miraculous beauties appeared this week in my garden–like blushing dancers awaiting their ovation. Brava to spring!

I added this picture my on @Pinterest here.  Join me there.

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Week One and Running!

Happy earth day everyone! Good thing it’s the weekend or I’d never get caught up on all the God Box to do’s. I know Mom would say, “Give yourself a break,” but I can’t when the book is bubbling with such great news.After last Monday night’s party in New York for friends and family, and my trip to Pittsburgh for the speech at Chatham University followed by a performance of The God Box play at Adat Shalon synagogue, I headed back to New York and straight into shopping fever. The Wall St Journal was coming to my house to shoot me in my Mother’s garden and I had to look casual but ideally cute. Ever try to shop for relaxed clothes when you are half asleep?

After smiling into the camera a zillion times (actually for me, the harder thing was not smiling!), I’ve got blogs to write, tweets to tweet and more packing to do for next week’s trip to Chicago.

But the best news is that the book is really moving up the ranks in amazon ( we hit the # 6 spot among all spiritual books this week) and Barnes and Noble stores have already been re-ordering. So that energizes me all over again! It amazes me how the story of something so simple appeals to so many…and has so many moving parts behind it. And so many loving hands on the God Box team to make it all happen smoothly. Monday night, we celebrate together! So, Mom, guess my feet will keep running for now…for you!

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Family in Love

Growing up, my Dad always said, “Never miss a chance to celebrate” so it was fitting to throw a family and friends party to give “The God Box” a proper launch. About 45 wonderful people gathered in our apartment in New York for drinks, memories and toasts to the new little book of love.
I asked Jack what Mom would say if she were there. “She’d be thrilled,” Jack said. “Because it’s all about her!”
The God Box is all about her but it is also about the bonds of family, the power of believing and the lifelong lessons of love and letting go. And this book and the companion performance are also about helping to end the scourge of cancer that has taken so much from so many.
On my way to Pittsburgh to start the tour of love, with a speech at Chatham College in the morning on Wednesday and later that night, a performance of the play at Adat Shalom Synagogue in Cheswick at 7PM. That is open to the public and a ticket includes both the play and my donated book, with all proceeds going to the Jewish Family and Childrens Services.
Excited to share my story, my family…and especially, my Mom with the world.
And you can help! Please order a book on amazon today ( pop into Barnes and Noble. Let’s make The God Box a record breaker in the inspiration department!

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MONDAY WITH MOM: Holding On and Letting Go

I just received the very first copy of “The God Box” from the printer. I look happy because I am. But inside, I feel so much more.

I have worked on this story in one way or another since my Mom died in 2006. First, it was just a little family tale I shared, then an article in Real Simple magazine and then beginning January of 2010, a full-fledged commitment to what’s grown to be The God Box Project. The past year and a half have been the most intense, digging back through my memories, back through the little scraps of paper she left behind. I’ve laughed and cried and best of all, reconnected with Mom in the process.

Writing about my family has been one of the most rewarding , difficult and joyful things I’ve ever done. The reward is that I’ve started to dream about my Mom. I was always a vivid dreamer-full color, action, music!- and yet for years after  I lost Mom, she never turned up at night. But while writing this book, she’s front and center on my pillow, showing up in all kinds of happy, funny, beautiful moments, as if she were just part of my life. So, while some friends have commented, “I could never re-live such a sad time in my mother’s life,” it’s actually been rejuvenating for me, like having her back every day.

The difficult part of creating this book is that I want it to be perfect, as she was to me. I want to honor her legacy and tenderness for my brother and his family and for her many friends. Knowing that it’s printed and real, means it’s time to let it go and believe that it is enough. Mom was never about perfection. She was just about love.

And if the God Box helps others learn from her life and perhaps start their own God Boxes….well,  that is the happiest thing of all. Here’s to you, Mom. Hands on.

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My mother/daughter memoir is one step closer

Exciting day! Page proofs are in for my upcoming mother/daughter memoir The God Box: Sharing my mother’s gift of faith, love and letting go. Today is my last chance to review the book before it goes to press. Here’s a glimpse…. On one hand, I could keep reviewing it a million times. On the other, this is a way to try  out my mother’s lesson of learning to let go! One step closer to publication which will be April 17, in plenty of time for Mother’s Day gift giving. A hint.

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