All about family: Family Circle!

Big thank you to Family Circle for including The God Box in the May issue under “Lit Crit” as recommended reading. So cool!

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New York Women in Communications featured a film with “The God Box” story

Last Monday, New York Women in Communications honored high achieving women with their prestigious Matrix Award. Winners included Glenn Close, Ann Curry, Peggy Noonan, Laura Desmond and others…all stars in their own fields. I am proud to say that I received that award myself 15 years ago and still treasure it on my wall.

As part of the event held in the Waldorf for 1500 executives in the communications world, a film was shown highlighting former winners–like Katie Couric and Arianna Huffington–and I was in it. It was my chance to salute the woman I credit with anything I have ever achieved: my Mom. This video was just released and I’d like to share it with you. Enjoy!

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Today Mom became a mini celebrity

My Mom loved to read about celebrities. She inherited her fascination from her own mother who used tom pore over what she called “movie magazines.” Well, Mom must be smiling today because “The God Box” is featured as a great Mother’s Day gift in PARADE magazine which reaches over 35 million households. And The New York Post included a fantastic book review called “Unanswered Prayers” ()  . I’d have to say though, as far as my mother, I could not have prayed for a more loving one. So, prayers well answered! Exciting!

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Week One and Running!

Happy earth day everyone! Good thing it’s the weekend or I’d never get caught up on all the God Box to do’s. I know Mom would say, “Give yourself a break,” but I can’t when the book is bubbling with such great news.After last Monday night’s party in New York for friends and family, and my trip to Pittsburgh for the speech at Chatham University followed by a performance of The God Box play at Adat Shalon synagogue, I headed back to New York and straight into shopping fever. The Wall St Journal was coming to my house to shoot me in my Mother’s garden and I had to look casual but ideally cute. Ever try to shop for relaxed clothes when you are half asleep?

After smiling into the camera a zillion times (actually for me, the harder thing was not smiling!), I’ve got blogs to write, tweets to tweet and more packing to do for next week’s trip to Chicago.

But the best news is that the book is really moving up the ranks in amazon ( we hit the # 6 spot among all spiritual books this week) and Barnes and Noble stores have already been re-ordering. So that energizes me all over again! It amazes me how the story of something so simple appeals to so many…and has so many moving parts behind it. And so many loving hands on the God Box team to make it all happen smoothly. Monday night, we celebrate together! So, Mom, guess my feet will keep running for now…for you!

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First wave of press for “The God Box” – thank you!

Thank you Redbook! We are so thrilled that The God Box was included in the April issue’s “Inspiration Board.” This editorial mention encourages people to start their own God Box – and speaks to a mother’s love.

With press for the book just beginning to spring forth, it is very exciting to think of how far-reaching of an impact my Mom’s ritual of keeping a God Box could be – and how many people could find comfort in writing down thoughts and letting them go.

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DAY OF REST: God Bless Reba!

Put your cowboy boots up on the coffee table, wear a little sequined something and tune in to CBS tonight at 8PM EST to the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. The event is dubbed Country Music’s Party of the Year and it will be hosted by country music legend Reba McEntire who is part of the God Box project.

She kindly shared these words about The God Box:

“Mary Lou Quinlan’s mother left a wonderful legacy when she wrote such heartfelt prayers and wishes for the people in her life. It is an incredibly moving and hopeful ritual that we should all consider adding into our daily lives.”

Signed copies of the book will be given to all the celebrities appearing in the telecast. Just think, Taylor Swift or Kenny Chesney could be reading the God Box this week or giving it as a gift for Mother’s Day. How cool is that?

And to Reba, star of the night and favorite singer, actress, musician for millions, thank you. You are a dream come true! Enjoy, everyone!

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Acting the Part

Ever wonder what it’s like to become an actor, not that making powerpoint presentations at work isn’t a thrill? Check out my new blog on Huffington Post and the backstory on Mom, the woman backstage behind me all the way. Click here for the full story.

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Asking for It (or Positive Thinking About Negative Feedback)


Check out my latest blog for the Huffington Post! My new adventure has been taking The God Box on stage, performing in her own one woman, one act play. A a role that requires me to ask audience members and peers for feedback, both positive and negative (well, I prefer the term constructive).

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  • "A wonderful legacy…Keeping a God Box is an incredibly moving and hopeful ritual that we should all consider adding into our daily lives."
  • "Mary Lou Quinlan has told the story of her mother in a way that entertains, moves and inspires. The thoughts about life and values will stick with you forever."
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September 27, 2023
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Since The God Box book was published in the spring of 2012, so many readers have told me that they started their own God Boxes. I love hearing stories of children creating God Boxes and married couples joining their prayer and cares in a family box. (And my mother would be thrilled!)  A 'real' God box is a constant reminder that we are not in control and that letting go is the first step to finding comfort, hope and relief for life's worries. But did you know that many thousands have gone virtual with their God boxes? To help the many busy ...

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