Birthday Blessings

Today is my birthday. And I have so many reasons to celebrate and many of those reasons are my friends. Last night I shared my gratitude at a party with 22 of my closest girlfriends and they surprised me with this beautiful Friendship Box. The box, which is God Box blue, holds notes, from all of these wonderful women–family and longtime and brand new pals, each note as unique as they are. Even those who couldn’t make it sent notes. And the lid is engraved. ‘friendship is a blessing’. It is… And I am so blessed. Tears tonight when I read these. Count on it!

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Bring The God Box to your Community!

Bring The God Box to your Community!

I am sticking to my promise to spend this summer off the road but planning the next seasons of The God Box show. Each day I speak with amazing charities about how I can help them raise needed dollars for cancer care, hospice, healthcare and education. How about your special cause?

So often I hear, “When are you coming to the southwest?” Or “how come you haven’t been to (fill in the blank)? Here’s my answer: Just Ask! If you are associated with a school, a hospital, a hospice, or a women’s group, please write to me at  Describe your organization, location, whether you are interested in the full play or a special book reading/speech and I can share details of what it takes. Simply put, you get the audience and we bring the show. Our team works with yours to make an experience that your community will always remember. The ticket revenue goes straight to your charity, with only minimal staging costs deducted (and if you are far from NYC, travel for me and our technical director.) I take no fee.

Check out the play on this site under ‘performance.’ Bring The God Box to your town in Fall ’13 or Spring ’14. (And a hint: If you live in the sunny south/southwest/west coast, talk to this New York girl about a January or February show.) Hope to see you!

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In my words, with love for the holidays

Just in time for Christmas, we’re happy to present “The God Box” audio book from Brilliance Audio. I recorded this two disc set a couple of months ago as a way to spread the love to those who prefer to listen on the road, on the run or just on their own. Brilliance asked me to ‘audition’ to be me and I tried my best and had a lovely time recording it. You can order it in time for gift-giving by clicking right here on amazon and also listen to a sample to check it out.  Great stocking stuffer for that special someone who needs a little faith, love and letting go this holiday.


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Good news in the Media!

So happy to hear such great support and recommendations from America’s most loved and respected publications. See what the news and entertainment media has to say about The God Box!

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New York Women in Communications featured a film with “The God Box” story

Last Monday, New York Women in Communications honored high achieving women with their prestigious Matrix Award. Winners included Glenn Close, Ann Curry, Peggy Noonan, Laura Desmond and others…all stars in their own fields. I am proud to say that I received that award myself 15 years ago and still treasure it on my wall.

As part of the event held in the Waldorf for 1500 executives in the communications world, a film was shown highlighting former winners–like Katie Couric and Arianna Huffington–and I was in it. It was my chance to salute the woman I credit with anything I have ever achieved: my Mom. This video was just released and I’d like to share it with you. Enjoy!

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Today Mom became a mini celebrity

My Mom loved to read about celebrities. She inherited her fascination from her own mother who used tom pore over what she called “movie magazines.” Well, Mom must be smiling today because “The God Box” is featured as a great Mother’s Day gift in PARADE magazine which reaches over 35 million households. And The New York Post included a fantastic book review called “Unanswered Prayers” ()  . I’d have to say though, as far as my mother, I could not have prayed for a more loving one. So, prayers well answered! Exciting!

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For anyone who asks if God exists, presenting the tree peony. These miraculous beauties appeared this week in my garden–like blushing dancers awaiting their ovation. Brava to spring!

I added this picture my on @Pinterest here.  Join me there.

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FROM @PINTEREST: Chatham University Natatorium

Just presented at Pittsburgh’s Chatham University in the Mellon Board Room that was once the Natatorium, one of the first indoor swimming pools ever-gorgeous white tiled ceiling. And yes, robin’s egg blue shining from the sun!

I added this picture my on @Pinterest here.  Join me there.


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Family in Love

Growing up, my Dad always said, “Never miss a chance to celebrate” so it was fitting to throw a family and friends party to give “The God Box” a proper launch. About 45 wonderful people gathered in our apartment in New York for drinks, memories and toasts to the new little book of love.
I asked Jack what Mom would say if she were there. “She’d be thrilled,” Jack said. “Because it’s all about her!”
The God Box is all about her but it is also about the bonds of family, the power of believing and the lifelong lessons of love and letting go. And this book and the companion performance are also about helping to end the scourge of cancer that has taken so much from so many.
On my way to Pittsburgh to start the tour of love, with a speech at Chatham College in the morning on Wednesday and later that night, a performance of the play at Adat Shalom Synagogue in Cheswick at 7PM. That is open to the public and a ticket includes both the play and my donated book, with all proceeds going to the Jewish Family and Childrens Services.
Excited to share my story, my family…and especially, my Mom with the world.
And you can help! Please order a book on amazon today ( pop into Barnes and Noble. Let’s make The God Box a record breaker in the inspiration department!

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Day of rest after dancing with “The God Box”

Last night, on a beautiful April evening in my hometown of Philadelphia, I introduced “The God Box”, surrounded by the people I love best, my family. Not only my beloved Joe, brother Jack and Sandy, sister in law Ginny and Tony, but many of our closest friends and the extended family of those who have battled through cancer. The  event was the annual Coaches VS Cancer Gala which has raised over $8 million for the American Cancer Society’s research and services programs.

It was held in the Park Hyatt, still affectionately known as The Bellevue by Philly people, in the ballroom where I first fell in love with Joe. We danced that night at a Saint Joe’s event and last night after I talked about the book and the role it will play fighting this terrible disease. Though I have to admit my too – high heels took a toll on my toes, my heart couldn’t be lighter.If I look sparkley outside, that’s nothing compared to what I feel inside. The God Box is on its way. here we go, Mom!

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  • "What a beautiful and profoundly human book....I will keep The God Box in my heart for a long, long time."
  • "A beautiful story of love, faith and family. It reads like an intimate, familiar prayer."
  • "Mary Lou Quinlan shares her mother’s handmade and heartfelt gift of how to persist, believe and move forward with joy."
  • "The courage and wisdom from the messages left in her mother’s God Box will inspire you to create a God Box of your own."
  • "Mary Lou Quinlan has told the story of her mother in a way that entertains, moves and inspires. The thoughts about life and values will stick with you forever."
  • "A wonderful legacy…Keeping a God Box is an incredibly moving and hopeful ritual that we should all consider adding into our daily lives."
  • "In the slips of paper that carry this sweet story forward, we can see the love in our own families and the great possibilities of simple faith."

The God Box App is shiny new and ready to welcome your cares

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